Ryeal Simms, Ph.D.

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Breaking up from a relationship is one of the most emotionally challenging things for anyone to do. Ryeal Simms’ “Survive Your Breakup” workshop is perfect for anyone ready to heal and move on from a past or recently failed relationship.

By explaining the objective, scientific reasons behind why we do what we do, he will take you through the necessary steps to effectively learn from your past relationship, detox your heart and survive your break up. You will also learn:

beauty girl cry
How To Grieve And Release With Less Stress
How To Quit Feeding the Pain
How To Focus On Your Life’s Vision and More!















“I was sitting in an airport in Dallas and could not contain myself. Incessant crying, just out of control.  I called Coach Ryeal and told him about my pain. He explained that being in love is like an addiction.  He told me I had to consciously rewire my brain and that every time I thought of him to say STOP!  Coach Ryeal’s kindness, compassion and that one word got me though what I never thought I would get over. Thank you, Coach Ryeal!” ~ Gina Reyes, Puerto Rico, Mexico

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