Ryeal Simms, Ph.D.

Ladies, you’re on a dream date with a man.  You’ve got great chemistry. The conversation is flowing and you have so much in common.  Could Prince Charming  be any more perfect?

Well, before you plan your wedding, ask yourself this: His mouth is saying one thing…But what is his body saying? This is where Relationship expert Ryeal Simms’ MINDFUL BODY LANGUAGE TRAINING comes in.  

From a neuroscience point of view, it’s physically impossible for the body to lie.  With his training, Ryeal Simms  will strengthen your woman’s intuition by teaching  you how to:

Read the body cues all human beings exhibit when we lie or tell the truth.
Determine if someone’s words match up with the truth of his/her body language.
Learn how to effectively communicate mindful body language AND MORE!









“Ryeal Simms is a great motivational speaker, who is very knowledgeable and     passionate about the neuroscience of love. His extensive background in neuropsychology, biology and anthropology, sets him apart from any other relationship coach. He is a crowd favorite and simply the best!!!”  ~ SHANNICE JOHNSON, 102.3 KJLH RADIO “DATING 911” PANEL

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