Ryeal Simms, Ph.D.

As the former official relationship coach for the Tavis Smily Foundation’s Leadership Institute and the HerShe group, Ryeal Simms developed CONSCIOUS CHOICES: LIFE SKILL RELATIONSHIP TRAINING FOR TEENS.  Designed to prevent teens from repeating the mistakes of their parents, families and communities, the program arms youth with the tools to make conscious relationship choices.

The earlier we can educate and make young people aware of relationship issues, the sooner they’ll be able to look within themselves and make the correct conscious choices for themselves in life and love. Ryeal will teach young people how to: 

Define what they want and need from relationships.
Know and love themselves first.
Determine healthy, unhealthy or abusive relationships.







“We talk so much about leadership and being positive in the community, but we don’t talk about our personal lives, and how we can take these same relationship tools that we learned to really enhance our lives on a total scale. To bridge that connection was amazing.”~Marco Patton, 18, Tavis Smiley Foundation Leadership Institute Participant.

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