– Relationship Scientist Ryeal Simms,. Ph.D.

Ryeal Simms“I like the fact that Ryeal teaches the science of love and I chose him as Hershe’s official relationship coach for his uncanning ability to reach teens and adults in a way that empowers them instead of giving them a bunch of do’s and shoulds. His message is universal and teaches our Hershe girls in a way that honors them.” ~ Kenadie Cobbin Richardson, Executive Director and Founder of
The Hershe Group Foundation

“Coach Ryeal, I will NEVER forget your help when I was… OMG I was dying inside. Thank you for bringing me back! ♥” ~ Gina Reyes, Puerto Rico, Mexico

“THANK YOU!!!! Relationship Coach Simms, you are amazing and absolutely brilliant. I am going to make some changes immediately! I feel 100% more empowered & confident.”  ~ Natascha Saunders, Boston, MA.

“I am so thankful that I tuned in in that day. I would like to thank you for listening to me and giving the excellent advice that was truly received. I feel like a burden was lifted off my shoulders.” ~ Camille Robinson, Atlanta GA.

“This gentleman is the bomb. You can’t say that you’re too old to learn or you’re too old to grow or you’re too old to really understand what you need in a mate. This brother taught me what I need in a man.” ~ Marie Kofee, Los Angeles, CA.

“It was lovely speaking to you on the show. I feel like a new woman and I am now making the changes recommended by you. The great wall of china that I have been using as a defense against a relationship is coming down. Many thanks from a truly new and complete woman who’s looking at her life from a new angle!”  ~ Lorrayne Young, on-air Ask Patricia Show coachee, London, UK.

“Coach Ryeal, it was such a pleasure talking to you. Thank you for helping me to make sense out of the senseless. We need your knowledge and valuable information desperately. You helped me unpack some baggage that I’ve been carrying around for a longtime. ” ~ Marla Heflin, Chicago, IL

“Thank you, Coach Ryeal, for the most incredible call with you. If you weren’t there, you must go and register to hear the amazing facts that include biological,emotional and physical changes that humans go thru and how they play into relationships!” ~ Cher Till, Antioch, CA

“Coach Ryeal, I just want to say thank you so much for the conversation. It helped a lot and I now have a clear mind. What you  do is a gift from God. He is using you  to help others ” ~ Diamond Lexus, Memphis, TN

“Thank you, Coach Ryeal,  for everything. You truly helped me put things in perspective. God Bless.” ~ Tanya Cox, Los Angeles, CA

“Coach Ryeal, thank you so much for your support, understanding and advice. I will keep you posted on my progress. Oh and I’ll let you know when I’m ready for my parachute jump!!” ~ Johnnie M Atkins

“Coach Ryeal, you’re truly remarkable! Thanks for helping me to break the padlocks off the door of possibilities. I’m actually excited about cracking it open and taking a peak out. Peace and blessings to you brother.” ~Ta’ Nia Doe

“Hey! Thank you. I really appreciated you taking the time to speak with me. Provided much needed clarity! Cheers.” ~ Ayanna Selvey, Indianapolis, IN

“Coach Ryeal, I would like to thank you so much for coaching me. You made me open my eyes to a lot of things. I thank God and I’m very happy that you are my coach. May God continue to bless you always.” ~ Sheila Maria, Las Vegas, NV

“So one day I decided to ask Ryeal for his advice about a man I was dating. I didn’t know what to expect really. I just thought I’d get a few words of advice and be on my way. But as I sat down and voiced my question, Ryeal looked me in the eye and let me know on one take! And I can assure you, after that one, the questions kept coming. In a short amount of time his advice about my relationship revealed more to me than any “Girl, he did what?!” conversation I’d had with a friend. I was getting insight on my personal obstacles as a woman, my expectations as a strong woman and revelations about my inner leadership skills I didn’t know I possessed. I had no idea how much Ryeal’s words would affect the way I thought about things. Everything from leadership to relationships, I honestly left the conversation feeling like I could do anything and how everything you do in life reflects your inner strength! From the way I drive to the way I enter a relationship, Ryeal’s words of wisdom simply made sense. Now I don’t drive on the freeway without thinking, “Am I being a leader in this moment or am I just going along with the rest?” Or more importantly, I don’t enter a romantic situation without saying, “I am a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants, and settling is not an option.” His words were incredibly lasting and I am so glad that he was kind enough to even spend a little time to talk with me. And that was with one conversation! Imagine how I’d be if I’d sat in one of his conferences or discussion sessions! Truly amazing.” ~ Sarah Astaire, Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY.